What is concrete landscape curbing?

Using a specially designed machine, a custom made concrete mix is poured and molded to create concrete borders. Different colors can be added to the mix to compliment existing landscaping and structures on the property.

picnic area with curb

What decorative options are available?

We offer a variety of creations starting with the classic gray concrete edging all the way to complex carving options. Our professionally trained team uses stamping techniques and a variety of colors to make the concrete appear as natural stone, rustic wood, carved rock, and other design options.

Is decorative landscape curbing a longer lasting option than traditional plastic edging and wood edging?

Yes! Plastic edging can easily get displaced over time and can give an unsightly appearance around your garden. Wood edging is susceptible to damage from the elements and insects. Our product uses a custom concrete mix that is longer lasting than other edging solutions and gives much higher curb appeal.

custom edging
front edging

How does decorative landscape curbing compare to other edging solutions when it comes to price?

Thanks to a variety of options we offer, landscape curbing can fit any budget and is an affordable option to anyone looking to upgrade their landscape. Additionally, due to the long lasting composition of concrete, you will save money over time with less maintenance on your edging.

What areas do you offer your services to?

Premier Borders is a Hutchinson based business, but we serve communities all over central and south central Kansas. This area includes, but isn’t limited to, Hutchinson, Wichita, Goddard, Derby, and McPherson. We are willing to travel to ensure our customers have access to our premier services.

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